Jai Simha | Bala Krishna | Nayanathara
Jai Simha

Jai Simha | Bala Krishna | Nayanathara

Jai Simha Review :

Jai Simha is an energetic movie with action violence and drama enough to entertain you. Jai Simha might lack catchy music but it does make it up with its powerful performance by Bala Krishna Nandamuri and other actors.

Jai Simha doesn’t disappoint unlike other Sankranti movies this year, Jai Simha has heavy action sequences.

Narasimha (Bala Krishna Nandamuri) along with his new born son changes places for the sake of his son when he sense any kind of violence or even the small ones.

He changes and changes and finally settles down in Kumbakonam of Tamil Nadu, where he joins as a driver for Murali Krishna (Murali Mohan). He is treated well by them as he is good in nature and for his soft nature. He involves in small issues with local ASP and a local goon.

One day when he is about to leave Kumbakonam, his son is kidnapped by the local goon and he rescues his son with a heavy fight sequence. When he is going away with his son, ASP comes and thank Narasimha for saving his son, who is actually look alike of Narasimha’s son.

Then enters Gowri (Nayanathara) and warns him to stay away from her child. 

The first half of Jai Simha is fine with a couple of sequences standing out. The interval bang gets elevated due to a small twist. Post interval things follow a predictable path, but it is again the drama and fundamental conflict of the hero which keeps one engaged.

The ending portions of the flashback are the heart of the movie, and if one fails to connect to it, Jai Simha ends up being a tedious watch. Overall, Jai Simha is a predictable average masala fare made in an old style.

Jai Simha is very routine story with fast screenplay (except for last 25 minutes) and is better than Balakrishna’s recent films. As story has sacrifice angle, Balakrishna’s over the top scenes are limited.

One complains that it stands out as old school story and the related treatment. Another energetic song in second half would have increased the commercial range.

jai simha

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